An Auto-Ethnographic Perspective on Academic Entrepreneurship: Implications for Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities

This paper employs a qualitative method to analyze a successful spin-off from a university’s humanities department. We offer insight into (a) how sociospatial contexts may be structured to better evaluate the entrepreneurial facilitation process and (b) why academic entrepreneurship in the social sciences and humanities may differ from that in the hard sciences. Our findings illustrate the importance of bridging innovation using twin skills to balance research and commercial goals, and the need for codifying knowledge capacities and creating new or changing existing institutional structures to legitimize and facilitate entrepreneurial activity. The research also demonstrates the great value of auto-ethnographic techniques to bring fresh insight to the study of entrepreneurship. Directions for future research are offered.

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The Academy of Management Perspectives
Morten Pilegaard
Peter W Moroz
Helle Neergaard
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