Dominant Logic and Entrepreneurial Firms’ Performance in a Transition Economy

Dominant logic is the manner in which firms conceptualize and make critical resource-allocation decisions, and over time develop mental maps, business models, and processes that become organizational recipes. This study compares and contrasts the dominant logic of Polish entrepreneurial firms. We find evidence that a dominant logic characterized by external orientation, proactiveness, and simplicity of routines significantly influences the performance of entrepreneurial firms in this emerging economy. These dominant logic characteristics of high performers serve as a key intangible resource in transition economies that are characterized by the absence of strong institutions and resource constraints. Future research in this critical domain should include how dominant logic needs in transition economies evolve over time as the institutional environment matures and market mechanisms become more solidified.

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Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Tomasz Obloj
Krzysztof Obloj
Michael G. Pratt
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